Policy Brief - July 2023

Making clean energy transitions more inclusive: Evidence, knowledge gaps and policy options in low-income economies

Arjan de Haan, Mairi Dupar, Marc Jeuland, Jonathan Phillips, Monica Marcela Jaime Torres, Bhim Adhikari, Flaubert Mbiekop
Access to reliable renewable energy and energy efficiency can provide significant climate, development, and equity benefits. Transitions to clean energy are compatible with sustainable and equitable development, and women’s economic empowerment. However, in the absence of adequate policies, they may reinforce existing inequalities. This policy brief summarises the evidence that supports and knowledge gaps that hinder clean and inclusive energy transitions. It concludes that alongside addressing finance gaps and implementation barriers, tackling systemic socioeconomic inequalities is critical for inclusive clean energy transitions. The G20 is well positioned to facilitate the sharing of lessons on innovative practices in such transitions to make a positive impact on the lives of vulnerable populations.
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