Summer 2020 Energy Access Internships and Research Projects

The Energy Access Project at Duke University (EAP) provides funding to students that will spend their summer conducting internships, their own research project or a faculty-led research project. Students should submit proposals for projects in summer 2020 related to energy access in low- and middle-income countries (LMICS), with a focus on either modern technologies or fuels for cooking, or access to reliable, affordable, safe, and sustainable electricity. EAP is particularly interested in supporting projects and work with organizations that (i) promote innovative approaches to accelerate sustainable energy transitions in LMICS; (ii) offer insights that are applicable or generalizable to wider audiences; (iii) build linkages with innovative companies and non-profits in the energy access space; and/or (iv) are related to ongoing EAP projects.

For students Interested in Applying for Funding

Due to the Covid-19, EAP has implemented some changes pertaining to its summer funding.

Students at Duke who are currently enrolled, and will be enrolled full-time at Duke in Fall 2020, are eligible to apply. Funding is available for a variety of experiences including internships or research projects. This funding can be used for travel expenses, living expenses, purchase equipment or data, and translation services.

Because there is the possibility that Duke cancels all travel this summer, EAP is encouraging students to explore the option to work remotely with an organization or a faculty-led project. When applying to the funding please describe how your work could be done remotely if need be.

Students should identify a sponsoring organization that they have established contact with and secured logistical and institutional support from. If you are uncertain if your summer work or setting would qualify, we encourage you to contact us before applying.

Students are open to develop their own projects with their partners that fit the criteria of the EAP. However, we are also working with organization in our networking to create a list of companies that are interested in hosting interns next summer. You can access the list below.

Application review begins March 8. Applications will be considered on a rolling basis thereafter pending availability of funds.

Funding decisions are made on a rolling basis.

For Organizations Interested in Hosting Students

If you are an organization in the energy access sector, interested in hosting an intern during the summer of 2020, you should fill out the form below.

This form is to help advertise your organization to undergraduate and graduate students at Duke University. Students will be contacting you directly, so make sure that your point of contact is the right person the students can reach out to for working with you, this summer 2020.

You can screen and select those who you would like to interview and afterwards choose one or more students for an internship.

Throughout this process, our goal is to make finding the right intern for your company easier.