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Energy Access Project

Developing solutions to energy policy and market challenges in emerging economies

Nearly 1 billion people lack basic electricity, and billions more lack access to the reliable, affordable, and sustainable energy systems that form the backbone of job creation, growth, and improved social well-being.

The Energy Access Project at Duke focuses on building knowledge and networks to inform key decision-making related to energy poverty. It brings world-class researchers to bear on the highest priority questions of the day and supports policy-makers, project developers, investors, civil society, and impacted communities in driving energy system development and transformation.

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Come join the Electric Circus!

Come join the Electric Circus!

In 1935, only 10% of farms in the U.S. were electrified. This was seen as a huge problem – the productivity and quality of life that electricity could bring was bypassing the American farmer. In order to bring light to the countryside, the Rural Electrification...

Meet the Energy Access Project Team

Meet our team of researchers and policy experts.
Energy Access Project team