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The James E. Rogers Energy Access Project at Duke

Developing solutions to energy policy and market challenges in emerging economies


Powering Productivity and Healthy Communities

Communities without access to sufficient, reliable energy face reduced economic and human capital development opportunities. We are demonstrating how differences in energy access translate into benefits for households and societies, discovering how households adapt to outages, and how power costs and efficiency programs impact productivity.

About the James E. Rogers Energy Access Project at Duke

The James E. Rogers Energy Access Project at Duke focuses on building knowledge and networks to inform key decision-making related to energy poverty. It brings world-class researchers to bear on the highest priority questions of the day and supports policy-makers, project developers, investors, civil society, and impacted communities in driving energy system development and transformation.


Photo credit: Faraz Usmani

Meet the Project Team

Get to know our team of researchers, policy experts, and closest collaborators.

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