Developing solutions to energy policy and market challenges in emerging economies

Energy Access Project

Globally, 1.1 billion people lack basic electricity, and billions more lack access to the reliable, affordable, and sustainable energy systems that form the backbone of job creation, growth, and improved social well-being.

The Energy Access Project focuses on building platforms and networks that can deliver knowledge to help inform key decision-making. It brings world-class researchers to bear on the highest priority questions of the day and works to provide policy-makers, project developers, investors, civil society, and impacted communities with tools and analysis to help drive energy system development and transformation.

Recent Updates

Story+ Call for Applications

Story+ Call for Applications

Consider applying to join the Energy Access Project’s Story+ project, Joining the electric circus: rural electrification and gender in the papers of Louisan Mamer!

The Energy Access Dividend

The Energy Access Project at Duke in collaboration with the Inter-American Development Bank and Sustainable Energy For All, have developed an Energy Access Dividend for Haiti and Honduras with the aim of quantifying the electrification benefits forgone over a country’s business-as-usual electrification transition.

Summer 2020 Energy Access Internships and Research Projects

Summer 2020 Energy Access Internships and Research Projects

The Energy Access Project at Duke University (EAP) works to address the challenges of increasing access to modern energy solutions for underserved populations around the world. We take an interdisciplinary approach to developing sustainable, reliable, and modern...


The Energy Access Project is examining key linkages between energy access and critical environmental and health challenges. 

Meet the Energy Access Project Team

Meet our team of researchers and policy experts.

Photo credit: Energy Access Project

Photo Credit: Energy Access Project

Student Opportunities

Learn how the Project is supporting students from Duke and around the world to engage energy access challenges firsthand.