Sustainable Energy Transitions Initiative

The Seventh Annual Meeting of the Sustainable Energy Transitions Initiative (SETI) – Virtual Sessions

June 23-24, 2022

On June 23 – 24, 2022, SETI will meet for the virtual sessions of its seventh Annual Workshop on global energy transitions research. The workshop will be held virtually over Zoom, and will feature sessions focused on low- and middle-income countries related to the demand and supply of electricity; renewables; woodfuel transitions and impacts on forests; more efficient and/or clean cookstoves; energy and firms; and studies of climate and energy policy. In addition, this year’s workshop will include an especial section related to the energy-gender nexus and intersectionality, promoting the collaboration with other institutions such as WinEED and IDRC, as well as we will have an exclusive research parallel session on this nexus where our members will present the latest findings of their research.

The conference will be held between 09:00 and 12:30 Eastern Time USA, and you can find more information below.

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SETI X Global Dispatches Podcast

SETI has partnered with the Global Dispatches Podcast, hosted by Mark Goldberg, to release a six-episode podcast series! Through this mini-series, we will showcase our global network’s energy access research and work achievements. We hope to cultivate an actionable dialogue between researchers, policymakers, practitioners, and other stakeholders through story-telling.

SETI X Women in Environmental Economics for Development Virtual Workshop

The Sustainable Energy Transitions Initiative (SETI), Women in Environmental Economics for Development (WinEED) Initiative (under the Environment for Development (EfD) Network), and Duke Energy Access Project held a joint virtual workshop on the intersection of energy access and gender on May 12 – 13. The virtual workshop brought together over 200 researchers and practitioners, representing 35 countries and nearly a dozen time zones, to discuss energy, gender, and empowerment for two days. Check out the workshop webpage for presenter slides, video clips from the workshop, papers and more! Key takeaways are to be released soon on the workshop webpage so stay tuned!

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