A series of Events with Olasimbo Sojinrin

The Global Energy Access Network (GLEAN) with the Energy Access Project and Duke Africa Initiative will be hosting a series of events with Ms. Olasimbo Sojinrin. Olasimbo is the country director of Solar Sister in Nigeria. Solar Sister is an organization that enables electrification in last-mile rural communities by training its women to be entrepreneurs that distribute clean energy technology in their home communities. Their work spans across 5 countries, and they have enabled over 10,000 entrepreneurs.

  1. The first event with Ms. Sojinrin will be a “Lunch and Learn” talk where Ms. Sojinrin will speak about energy poverty, women’s economic empowerment and the Solar Sister Model.
  2. After that, we will be hosting a panel that will focus on interdisciplinary approaches to tackling Energy Poverty and enabling Community Development. The panel will feature:
  • Ms. Olasimbo; Country director, Solar Sister Nigeria
  • Dr. Christine Folch; Duke Anthropology professor with expertise in water and energy politics
  • Dr. Luana Lima; Nicholas School professor with expertise in energy optimization and data analytics.
  • Rajah Saparapa; Policy associate at the EAP with an extensive background in energy access, policy, and economics
  • Arunika Chandra, Nicholas School student with extensive experience in energy access community work in India

The diversity in the disciplines of our panelists will foster conversation on practical ways we can collaborate across disciplines to enable sustainable development in underserved communities.

3. The third event would be coffee chats with Ms. Olasimbo; this is an opportunity for students to have 15-minute small group conversations with Ms. Sojinrin to learn more from her expertise in renewable energy and policy. Students can sign up for slots at https://cutt.ly/Simbo_CoffeeChat.


Schedule of events: Date, Friday 20th March

Lunch and Learn Event:

Time: 11:45am- 1pm

Location: Art Gallery, 2nd Floor Grainger Hall

Panel Discussion:

Time: 2pm-3pm

Location: Field Auditorium, 1st Floor Grainger Hall


Coffee Chats with Ms. Olasimbo:

Time: 3:30pm-5pm

Location: Room 3100 Floor Grainger Hall

Sign up for a slot: https://cutt.ly/Simbo_CoffeeChat

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