Report - December 2023

Benin II off-grid electricity access project evaluation interim report

This report was prepared independently by Carly Mphasa, Rajah Saparapa, Marc Jeuland, Carley Clontz, and Mike Duthie of Social Impact, Inc. at the request of MCC
Only one in five people living in rural communities in Benin have access to electricity. In 2017 the Government of Benin (GoB) and the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) signed a 391 million U.S. dollar (USD) Compact (Benin II Compact) in order to “expand business production and productivity, generate greater economic opportunities for households and improve the capacity to provide public and social services by improving the quantity and quality of the supply of electricity. The Compact supported four projects in: (1) Policy Reform and Institutional Strengthening, (2) Electricity Distribution, (2) Electricity Generation, and (4) Off-Grid Electricity Access. This report focuses on the Off-Grid Electricity Access Project (OGEAP). OGEAP’s objective was to increase access to electricity through off-grid electrification and thereby (a) increase the hours of operation for businesses and public and social services, (b) reduce reliance on costlier sources of energy, (c) reduce losses of products and perishable goods, and (d) improve productivity for users of electricity. The Enabling Environment for Off-Grid Electricity Activity supported the “design and implementation of a national off-grid electrification framework” enacted in 2018 and the “development of market information, market characterization, outreach to the private sector and sector donors, and community led engagement on Off-Grid Clean Energy Facility (OCEF).” Meanwhile, the OCEF Activity aimed to “increase access to electricity… by removing initial cost and investment barriers in the off-grid electricity sector.” OCEF included two calls for proposals in 2018 and 2019 covering four windows including public infrastructure (two projects), mini-grids (eight), household generation through solar home systems (SHS) (six), and energy efficient measures and installations (one).
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