Sustainable Energy Transitions Initiative: Podcast

seti group pictureSETI is pleased to announce a 6-episode podcast partnership with Global Dispatches, the United Nations Dispatch’s official podcast, hosted by Mark Goldberg. Starting next month, SETI will be releasing one podcast episode per month, featuring our very own network members and their research! This is part of a larger effort to ensure that SETI research stories reach beyond the academic arena.

Global Dispatches reaches an impact audience of globally-minded professionals, including foreign policy practitioners who crave deeper context for understanding issues that are driving world affairs. The target audience for podcast listeners include individuals professionally engaged in foreign policy, sustainable development and related fields. This includes senior leadership at the United Nations, in government, media, academia, think tanks and NGOs. As a result, the podcast will help SETI’s research stories reach fresh ears, and hopefully culminate in actionable partnerships.

The first episode will be released on Thursday, April 16th and will feature Subhrendu Pattanayak to discuss why SETI was created and dive into the state of clean cooking in the Indian Himalayas. Don’t miss it! Read more about the Global Dispatches podcast here.

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